Alumni Undergrad

  • Nadine Elmehriki

    Currently: Aquatic Toxicology technician, Lakehead University (Aquatic Toxicology Research Centre)

  • Kim Geils

    Currently: Taking Education Degree at Lakehead University

  • Lauren Dupuis

    Currently: Aquaculture technician, Greig Seafood

  • Ty Colvin

    Currently: NSERC MSc at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Cody Veneruzzo

    Currently: PhD at Lakehead investigating effects of plastics on aquatic organisms

  • Tyler Ripku

    Currently: MSc at Lakehead evaluating Point-Of-Care devices as a rapid assessment tool of fish health

  • Brenden Slongo

    Currently: MSc at Lakehead, Evaluating White Sucker as a sentinel species for climate change

  • Liam Spicer

    Currently: MSc Forestry, Faculty of Natural Resources Management, Lakehead University

  • Anouch Tamian

    Currently: Pursuing MSc opportunities

  • Justin Hubbard

    Currently: PhD student, University of Toronto Scarborough

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