• man on a hill with lake in the background

    Tyler Ripku

    Currently: MSc at Lakehead evaluating Point-Of-Care devices as a rapid assessment tool of fish health

  • Woman posing in front of a stream

    Mallory Wiebe

    Brook trout distribution on the North Shore of Lake Superior

  • man in a boat holding a fish

    Brenden Slongo

    Currently: MSc at Lakehead, Evaluating White Sucker as a sentinel species for climate change

  • Woman driving a boat

    Danielle Gartshore

    Impacts of invasive spiny water flea on early growth rates of Walleye and Cisco

  • Woman posing in front of trees

    Amber Fedus

    Whole-ecosystem impacts of macrophyte removal

  • Man in chest waders holding a small fish

    Mark Schutte

    eDNA of Brook Trout in northern Ontario streams

  • Man holding a fish in a boat

    J. Ben Wood

    Impacts of invasive spiny water flea on Walleye mercury accumulation

  • man posing with large fish

    Wyatt Beach

    The impact of spatial connectivity on shaping fish communities