• So many things!

    Lots has happened in the lab during the spring of 2019. Graydon McKee and Marissa Wegher completed their MSc theses; Graydon joined the Kidd lab at McMaster as a technician, and Marissa joined the OMNRF. Ty Colvin was awarded an NSERC PGS-M award and will be starting with Paul Snelgrove at MUN in the fall, […]

  • Digging out…

    After three major dumps of snow, it was time to move the lab vehicles so that the grounds crew could plow our section of parking lot. Also, good excuse to scrape the 2-ish feet of snow off the trucks that have accumulated in the past month 😳 . Thanks to everyone for helping dig out!

  • Cool new toy for the CEElab

    Well, we finally got our new Trident ROV to help us with doing sculpin and crayfish counts as part of our Mysis recolonization experiment (SHRRIMP). Our main pilot for the project this year has been Ty Colvin,  superstar undergraduate student at Lakehead University. Collecting the data meant driving out for 2 weekends in a row […]

  • Mysis in motion!

    Our ecosystem restoration project focused on the recolonization of Mysis is officially underway. We successfully managed to capture 10,000 Mysis from Lake 224 and add them to Lake 223. If you want to read more about the experiment, you can check it out here. Here’s a good twitter thread on how that all went down last […]

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