Lauren Hayhurst

Lauren Hayhurst is an MSc candidate in the CEE Lab, and earned her B.Env.St. (Co-operative Education) from the University of Manitoba. Her research is focused on nanosilver, the most commonly used nanomaterial in consumer products today. More than 400 consumer products contain nanosilver, as it is widely used as an antimicrobial, yet the ecosystem-level effects of this material associated with its environmental release are poorly understood.

Lauren’s project is specifically investigating changes in the bioenergetics of fishes exposed to nanosilver during a whole-lake addition experiment at the IISD-Experimental Lakes Area in Northwestern Ontario, as well as population-level changes in the fish community of the lake.

Thesis titleeffects of nanosilver on the bioenergetics of Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens) and Northern Pike (Esox lucius)



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